Can anyone apply to go onto your waiting list?

Anyone can apply to go onto our waiting list as long as they come under our qualifying conditions.

Where will I find the qualifying conditions?

These are explained fully on the ‘Find a Home’ section of the website and within the paper application form itself.

Where would I find a list of all your properties that you have in your portfolio?

These can be found by visiting the ‘Available Properties’ on the Home page.

What happens after I have completed the application form?

You will be notified by e-mail that your application form is live on our system.

Will I be informed what category I am in and given a bidding number?

We are different from other organisations that we do not put you into a category. If a property becomes available that you cover the criteria for, your application will automatically be looked at (this does not mean that you will be short listed for an interview).
If you are short listed (we will usually interview about four or five people in their own homes), we will always contact you by telephone first.

Is there a way of finding out what properties you have available?

All our available properties will be shown on our website click on ‘Available Properties’ on the home page. This page is updated weekly.

Is there anything I need to do?

Please make sure you give as much information as possible on your application form and if your details change i.e. telephone number, address, that you remember to notify us.

Are there any areas that you do not keep a waiting list for?

The only area that we do not keep a waiting list for, is any of our properties that fall within the Boston area; all properties are advertised via Boston Home Choice.

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