"Good governance is the bedrock of every organisation's ability to run itself effectively and efficiently. Primary responsibility for achieving their organisation's social housing aims lies with the Board"

- Homes and Communities Agency

The Board of Management determined from September 2015 to have a core membership of eleven non-executive and one executive member.

Board members are experienced, motivated and voluntary; setting clear objectives for a forward-looking strategy that enables opportunities whilst mitigating risks. They maintain a continuous focus on effective financial management and improving value for money.

The Board is supported by an Audit Committee, underpinning the principle of good governance - that no one individual, or group of individuals, should be unchecked, or have unlimited power over decision-making. The Audit Committee adds value to governance and improves effective monitoring of the organisation’s work.

Financial viability is a priority focus, together with high performance of resident services. The Board and staff are proud that rent collection rates remain extremely high, rent arrears are being held at low levels, and there have been few voids (empty properties), with back-to-back lettings being another priority.

The Board of Management adopted the NHF Code of Governance 2020,  on 10 December 2020.

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