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You are applying to join Lincolnshire Rural Housing Register. 90% of applicants do not fully complete the form or upload the relevant information required. You will be asked to complete a financial assessment along with your online application to demonstrate that you can afford social housing.

If you live in a social housing property, with another housing association you are deemed as being adequately housed and will not be able to join our housing register.


Application Form

1a. Main Applicant Details

1b. Joint Applicant Details

2. Ethnic Origin

3. Why are you applying for a new home?

4a. Main Applicant Income

4b. Joint Applicant Income

We require all applicants to fill out a Budget Assessment form.

Click here for the Budget Assessment

Please fill this out and attach it in the box below.

If you are unable to fill this out online please contact the office.

Maximum file size: 20.97MB

5. About your present home

6. Your family or household

6.1 Your family or household > People who currently live in the household or who you would like to live with you

6.2 Your family or household > Address of people who want to be rehoused with you

6.3 Your family or household > Details of arrangements for a child/children whose main home is elsewhere

7. About your medical or social needs

8. Main Applicant recent accommodation

8. Joint Applicant recent accommodation

9. About the home you would like

10. Convictions

11. Actions for anti social behaviour

12. Rent arrears

13. Other information

14. Declaration


Applications are held on Lincs Rural’s Housing Register for two years from the date on the application form. Information will be held securely in an electronic format.

If Lincs Rural have been unable to make you an offer of housing within that time period, then your application will lapse and be removed from the Housing Register with the application being destroyed. You will be required to reapply for housing with Lincs Rural.

A member of staff may contact you to verify the information submitted on the application form. Failure to provide the required information may result in the application being rejected.

A false declaration or failure to report any change in circumstances that affects the application, could result in legal action to repossess any home that has been allocated to you.

The information submitted will only be used for the purpose of applying for housing. It will not be shared with any third party or external organisation. You can withdraw your consent and request for your application form to be destroyed by emailing or telephoning 01790 754219.

This policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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