Repairs Priority

All social housing landlords will prioritise repairs and maintenance in tenants’ homes based on seriousness and allocate different timescales to making things right. Generally they will have three categories.

Response times

When determining response times, the landlord should take into account the specific circumstances of the household, for example whether there are young children, elderly people or occupants with a disability.

Only emergency works will be carried out outside normal working hours. Some emergency repairs may have to be temporarily resolved or made safe until the following day, for example securing a property at night.


To be responded to within 24 hours

Any disrepair that causes an immediate threat to the safety, security or health and safety of occupants or members of the public.

Examples include:
  • Major water leaks and flooding
  • Total loss of electrical supply / major fault
  • Total loss of water supply
  • Security risk to the property
  • Major loss of heating and/or loss of hot water in a cold spell
  • Threatened or actual collapse of any part of the structure


To be responded to within 7 working days (unless estimates or tenders are required)

Any disrepair that is causing serious inconvenience to the occupants or likely to cause further problems to the property.

Examples include:
  • Failed showers (if the only means of washing)
  • Loss of hot water in summer months
  • Minor plumbing (e.g. a leak that can be contained)
  • Minor electrical supply faults


To be responded to within 56 working days

Any disrepair that is not urgent or an emergency.

Examples include:
  • tap repairs
  • light fitting repairs
  • repairs to doors and windows
  • minor fencing repairs
  • flooring repairs (including vinyl covering)
  • replacing or repairing hinges
  • replacing extractor fans
  • repairs to broken kitchen components
  • repairs to broken bathroom components
  • broken tiling
  • external and internal wall repairs
  • garage door repairs
  • minor repairs to gutters
  • minor leaking roofs

Some circumstances may vary the response time upon assessment and be categorised as planned maintenance.

The Zoning Procedure

The visits to our developments to undertake repairs are planned using a zoning system, which splits the County into four quarters.

The three sections in the North are covered by our directly employed Property Maintenance Service Operative Terry Jollands. The two sections in the South are covered by directly employed Property Maintenance Service Operative Darren Wilson and a third directly employed operative

The aim is to visit the larger development at least once per month and to complete as many repairs as possible during the visit by spending the whole day on site.

We encourage any residents to approach the PMS Operative


Tel: 01790 754219

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