Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Between July and September 2023, many of you took part in an important survey.
The survey was carried out by online, postal and telephone questionnaires.

It focused on how happy you are with the way Lincs Rural Housing Association (LRHA) maintains your homes and delivers key services.

The survey was carried out by an independent market research company – Acuity Research and Practice. The findings will provide a view of the main drivers behind satisfaction levels and the issues residents are most concerned about, informing LRHA’s future strategic and operational planning.

This report contains key survey results regarding residents’ opinions about their homes and the services received. The figures throughout the report show the results as percentages. The percentages are rounded up or down from one decimal place to the nearest whole number, and for this reason, may not in all cases add up to 100%, or may differ to the text by 1% when two percentages are added together.

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