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Lincs Rural – A social investor in rural communities

Lincs Rural Housing Association (Lincs Rural) was formed in 1986, by a few public spirited people, for the benefit of the community. After more than thirty years Lincs Rural’s social purpose remains the same, of providing and managing affordable homes in rural Lincolnshire, at a fair rent on a non-profit making basis, which is our founding principle.

Lincs Rural is accountable to many small rural towns and villages throughout Lincolnshire, Rutland, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk by the provision of good quality affordable rented and shared ownership homes and services. The Association now has assets valued at over £25 million and an annual turnover of approaching £2m. We actively work to develop more new homes to increase the current number of 428 properties.

We are a ‘Registered Society’ in accordance with the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, but were originally constituted as an Industrial and Provident Society. As an independent organisation regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing we have received public funding and private finance to help build affordable homes. Our business, however, is operated very much on a commercial basis with a keen eye on efficiency and value for money. This means that, as we do not distribute profits; the more efficient we are in making a surplus, the more social purpose we can deliver. Private landlords operate for their own profit, Lincs Rural reinvests its surplus to deliver more affordable homes and high quality services.

Lincs Rural’s Board of Management has a clearly defined Corporate Strategy with nine Objectives.

Lincs Rural is socially motivated – we are:

  • Partners with other organisations in delivery of our Vision ‘Helping to Maintain Sustainable Rural Communities’ and Mission ‘To Provide Energy Efficient Homes for Rural People in Need’; and
  • An organisation striving to embody our Values of Innovative, Caring, and Excellent in all activities.
  • Ethical, accountable and open, putting our residents first;
  • An excellent employer with Investors in People Gold accreditation;
  • Responsible by paying our bills on time and endeavouring to minimise our impact on the environment;
  • Aware of our statutory and regulatory responsibilities, and assess compliance annually;

Lincs Rural is a specialist rural social housing landlord, who understands the needs of small communities and the people who live in them. We will continue to listen and learn in pursuit of improving the delivery of our objectives.

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