Qualifying Conditions

Lincs Rural was formed some 30 years ago to provide affordable homes for local people in the rural villages of Lincolnshire, where a home was out of the reach of the average wage.

All social housing providers will take account of people who fall into five categories, including being homeless, living in unsanitary or overcrowded accommodation, or who need to move on medical or welfare grounds. A local connection however is also required in addition to these criteria for most of the Association’s properties.

Additional preference may also be given to members of the armed forces who have left the service within the last five years.

Local Connection is at the heart of what we are and what we do.

Most developments have what is known as a ‘Section 106 local connection requirement’. This means that planning permission to build those homes was only granted because they were for rent or shared ownership to local people.

When letting a property Lincs Rural select potential tenants on a range of criteria, including whether they have a local connection to the village in where  the property is located.

What is a Local Connection?

A local connection with a village means that a person would:

  • Have lived in the area for six out of the last 12 months, or three years out of the last five years;
  • Have close family connections in the village (‘close’ means parents, children, brothers or sisters);
  • Work in the local area (this excludes casual or short-term employment); or
  • Have a connection with the village for another reason (such as caring for aged grandparents).

There may be circumstances outside these criteria and a member of staff will be pleased to advise.

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