Getting involved

Why should you get involved?

The best way to help us provide the services that you really want is for you to get involved and tell us what really matters. This helps us shape our services to meet your needs, as well as making a real difference to your community and the people who live there.

Customer feedback

We encourage you to let us know what you think about the services we deliver so that we can recognise the things that we do well, and can also put them right and learn from the things that we don’t do well.

We are happy to hear your comments at any time. If you have something to say or have a suggestion on how we could make an improvement, then please get in touch

Complaints Procedure

We always try to give you the best service we can, but we know that sometimes things go wrong and we make mistakes. If this happens, we want to know so we can try to put it right.

We want to make it as easy as possible to complain and to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.

Complaints Policy


Tenant Matters

Tenant Matters is a magazine produced by the Association providing up to date information on issues that affect our residents. It will be distributed two times a year and will be an opportunity for all our residents to find out more about Lincs Rural.

Resident Board Member

Residents can be elected onto the Association’s Board. The Board are responsible for ensuring that our aims, objectives and intended outcomes for residents are delivered in an effective, transparent and accountable manner. This is an opportunity for the residents’ view point to be shared at Board meetings and is available to those who are willing to attend formal meetings, are able to understand complex information and strategic issues, and feel they have the right skills and experience.

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