Being a good neighbour

When you sign up for your residency you will also be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement as the Association has a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ towards anti-social behaviour.

We take our responsibilities as your landlord very seriously. We will do all we can to help you enjoy where you live. But it is your home and your community, so please look after it as your own.

We want everyone to live their lives peacefully and get on with their neighbours. Good neighbours are considerate, tolerant and understanding of others and their different lifestyles, and they help build successful communities.

Being a good neighbour means being reasonable and tolerant of different people’s views and lifestyles and considering how our behaviour affects others. There are lots of things we can do to keep our neighbourhoods clean, safe and happy.

Respecting Others

We are all different and you should respect that other people may not live their lives in the same way as you live yours. Often people do not realise that they may be disturbing others and are not doing it on purpose. For example, someone vacuuming late at night may not be aware it can be heard by their neighbours and that it is disturbing them.

One-off incidents can be annoying at the time, such as a loud party or BBQ, but if they are part of every-day living, and not frequent, then you should try to tolerate it. If they occur on a regular basis, and the disturbance causes you a problem, it is often a matter of making your neighbour aware in a friendly manner and seeking to work out a solution together.


Unless you have a designated parking bay or driveway, most people like to park their cars on the road outside their own home for convenience. However, due to the volume of cars on the road and limited parking available, it isn’t always possible to park outside your home.

Please show consideration and regard to other residents when parking your vehicle. Do not block entrances, park at dropped kerbs, outside garages, or in a way that prevents wheelchair users and prams from using the pavement. Also, do not block access for emergency services.


Keeping your garden tidy and free of rubbish helps improve the look of the area and makes maintenance easier. If you do have a garden it can be a cause of problems if it’s not cared for properly.


Keep rubbish in the bin and put your bin out on collection day. If you have bulky items, or if you accidentally miss the collection, please keep the rubbish on your own property until the next collection.

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