Keeping your home secure during holidays

If you are planning to spend time away or a sunshine break in 2024, it is important you make sure your home is safe while you are away.

Here are our top tips to stay home safe:

1. Lock all doors and windows

We’ll start with the obvious ones! Its easy to miss in a rush, so have your own final check and leaving routine.

2. Key safe?

A key safe can store your key securely just in case entry is needed while your away. LRHA can help provide and install for small charge, just ask our Repairs Team via 01790 754219 or

3. Enlist a neighbour’s help if you can

Ask a neighbour to pop in and check your home. They could put lights on and open/close curtains if necessary so it is less obvious you are away. If you don’t have a neighbour talk to our Repairs Team and when they’re in the area then can do an external check.

4. Be careful what you say on social media

It’s nice to update friends but check your privacy settings to make sure you are not updating more people than you realise. Or just share pics and news on your return.

5. Home insurance

It’s your responsibility to ensure the home contents so make sure you have cover in place. Most policies cover up to 30 days away but its worth checking.

6. Turn off appliances

Always try to ensure all unnecessary applinaces are switched off and save money on energy bills while you are away.

7. Take care of your parcels and mail

If you are expecting a package and you know you will be away, you can sign up to Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service. You can also have them redirect all mail to a neighbour depending on how long you are away.

Lincs Rural are members of the National Housing Federation and support their My Home Contents initiative with Thistle Tenant Risks. The My Home scheme is designed for tenants and residents living in social housing, offering economical and flexible schemes to protect tenants against a whole range of risks. You can find out more at National Housing Federation – My Home Contents Insurance

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