Summer Quiz & Crossword Answers

Summer quiz & Answers

1 In London, the Lord Mayor’s Show takes place on the second Saturday of which month? November
2 St Swithin’s Day falls on the 15th of which month? July
3 Which month of the Gregorian calendar was originally the first month of the Roman calendar? March
4 What was the first name of the wife of late singer/musician Marc Bolan? June
5 All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated on the last day of which month? October
6 Valentine’s Day falls during which month of the year? February
7 Which month is mentioned in the Four Seasons song ‘Oh What A Night’? December
8 In Scotland, Burns Night is celebrated during which month of the year? January
9 The gemstone pearl represents which month of the year? June
10 Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day) takes place during which month of the year? November
11 In Britain, which month sees the start of The Grouse Season? August
12 During which month in 1912 did RMS Titanic strike an iceberg and sink? April
13 Author H E Bates wrote the novel ‘The Darling Buds of….when’? May
14 During which month of 1533 was Queen Elizabeth I of England born? September
15 St David’s Day (the Patron Saint of Wales) is celebrated during which month of the year? March
16 All Fools Day falls on the 1st of which month? April
17 The Royal Eisteddford in Wales takes place during the first week of which month? August
18 St Nicholas Day (the Patron Saint of Children) is traditionally celebrated on the 6th of which month? December
19 During which month is the Men’s Tennis Championship final held at Wimbledon? July
20 The official birthday of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II falls during which month in the UK? June


Lincs Rural Crossword & Answers 


2 The activities to gather information from stakeholders to inform and improve the effectiveness of future actions. – Consultation
6 Tenancy ….. is the legal contract that describes your ‘rights and responsibilities’ (as the tenant) and Lincs Rural’s ‘rights and responsibilities’ (as the landlord).- Agreement
9 The act of taking part or sharing in an activity or event. – Participation 
12 is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives (short for key performance indicator. ) – KPI
13 … repairs (response time within 24 hours) – are repairs, which could affect your health, safety or security or cause serious structural damage to your home if not rectified –  Emergency
14 Helping sustain rural communities is our… – Mission

1 Our out of … telephone number is: – Hours 
3 An individual or organisation involved in or affected by the activities of an organisation. – Stakeholders
4 a person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord. – Tenant
5 A …… ..Exchange is the process where you are able to exchange your home with another Lincs Rural Housing Association (LRHA) tenant or a tenant from another council or Housing Association. – Mutual

7 Name of Hosing Officer in Lincs Rural – Katie
8 Local … – an agreement between the tannats and Lincs Rural on the standards and serices that will be provides – Offer
10 One of Linc Rural values – Caring
11 To provide homes for rural people in need is our …- Vision


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