Safe Working Procedures – Covid – 19

1. The procedure’s a Maintenance Technician will follow when attending your home complete a repair detailed below: When a repair appointment is agreed, the Maintenance Manager will inform the Tenant that they will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken before the Maintenance Technician can enter their home. The Maintenance Technician will also complete these actions to reassure the Tenant;

2. Upon arrival at the home, the Maintenance Technician will complete the doorstep checks wearing their PPE, check again that the Tenant and anyone in their households do not have COVID-19 symptoms;

3. During the repair works, the Tenant should be in a separate room and socially distance themselves;

4. The Maintenance Technician will ensure that any equipment used in a home is sanitised between repair appointments to protect the Tenants whose homes they are entering; and

5. If any Tenant does not follow the above procedures the repair works will not be completed.

6. Where Tenants have Self- isolated or have infection – In situations of Tenants self- isolating, or with infection, maintenance will not be undertaken. This work will be rescheduled when the risk has reduced to an acceptable level, determined by the Head of Tenant Services. Example – minor water leaks would be left unless it is possible to coach a Tenant to rectify the problem.

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