Rural Gold Star Service application form


Rural Gold Star is the Association's way of saying “Thank you” to the majority of residents, who pay their rent on time and follow the terms of their Residency Agreement.


Members benefit from:

  • priority with Planned Maintenance works – such as new kitchens or bathrooms;
  • faster routine repairs wherever possible; and
  • entry in the Rural Gold Star Prize Draw twice a year when 4 tenants each win £250.

How do I join?

Please look at the criteria below.

Can anyone be a member? No. There are strict criteria to be met – residents must:

    • have held the residency for at least six months;
    • have maintained a clear rent account for the past three months, or have a repayment agreement in place to clear any arrears within six months and have kept to the agreement for three months;
    • have kept to all aspects of the residency agreement (which includes no anti-social behaviour, and keeping your home and garden clean and tidy); and
    • be a good neighbour.


Rural Gold Star Service Application

Rural Gold Star Service
I want to apply for membership of the Rural Gold Star Service. I undertake to comply with the conditions of the Association’s tenancy agreement. If I win a draw I agree that any arrears due to the Association will be deducted from the prize money.

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