The Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is designed to promote confidence in living independently. If you or someone you know is aged 18+ and needs a little support, get in touch to see how they can help.

Following assessment, the range of services they can offer are hand-holding support (generic support), simple aids to daily living, minor adaptations, Telecare, 24-hour responder, monitoring of Telecare alarm, advice and support with everyday problems, such as money worries, benefits, filling in official forms, house repairs and making friends.

Many parts of the Wellbeing Service are free, such as the advice services. However, some things require them to carry out an assessment to determine what extra help you need.

Unless you receive funding from Adult Care there may be a charge for aids, adaptations, telecare and response.

For more information see information on providers below:

Covers: East Lindsey
Telephone: 01507 601111

Information booklet:

Covers: North Kesteven
Telephone: 01529 414155
Information booklet:
NKDC Wellbeing Booklet

Covers: West Lindsey, South Kesteven, South Holland, Boston, Lincoln
Telephone: 01522 782140
Post: LILP, c/o Lace House, 2 Olsen Rise, Lincoln LN2 4UZ

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