Tenant Matters – Summer 2021

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Summer Quiz – Questions & Answers

Dog Quiz

1. Which common physical characteristic does the chow share with giraffes, polar bears, and Jersey cattle?

Answer: The Chow Chow

2.Which small breed of domestic dog is also known as the Frenchie?

Answer: The French Bulldog

3.Which dog, bred from the old English bulldog and Bullenbeisser, was originally used for bear baiting?

Answer: The Bullenbeisser

4.First bred in Germany as a water dog, which dog is the national dog of France?

Answer: The Poodle

5.Which breed of dog, also known as the Lion Dog, is known for its snoring?

Answer: The Pekingese

6.What breed of dog is Snoopy?

Answer: A Beagle

7.The Great St. Bernard Pass is the third highest road pass in which country?

Answer: Switzerland

8.What was the name of the dog act that won Britain’s Got Talent in 2015?

Answer: Jules and Matisse

9.What was the poetical name of the dog in the animated television series Jamie and the Magic Torch?

Answer: Puggle

10.Since 1991, the dog show Crufts has been held in which British city?

Answer: Birmingham



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