Keeping Pets

We know that pets are important to people. They provide companionship, happiness, security and many health benefits. However, where people do not take proper care of their pet the animal can suffer and if not properly controlled, they can cause nuisance, annoyance and damage.
It is the Associations policy only to allow one dog and up to two cats at our properties.
Pets are not permitted in flats.

You will need our permission before you can keep a pet. We will consider if your home is suitable and whether you are willing and able to be a responsible pet owner.

You must make sure that your pet does not cause nuisance or annoyance to anyone else.

You must take full responsibility for your pets’ welfare.
This includes:
not leave your dog to continuously bark or howl.
not let your dog stray into neighbour’s gardens
clean up any mess or faeces including in your own garden
not use your pet to threaten or intimidate anyone else
You must make sure that your pet does not cause damage to the property
You are responsible if your pet scratches doors or cupboards.
You need to repair any damage that your pet causes to gates or fences or other boundaries.

We will recharge for any damage to your property that your pet causes including the cost of fumigating to deal with any infestation.

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