Integrated Personal Commissioning

What is Integrated Personal Commissioning?
Integrated Personal Commissioning enables you to have choice and control over the services you access to meet your particular needs. You can make the most of what is available by having the correct information at the right time and in the right way, for you.
Everyone’s needs are different – and you know what care and
support is right for you.

That’s why a new healthcare option has been introduced, putting you
and your family firmly in control. It’s called a personal health budget, and is
available to all children and adults receiving continuing healthcare funding.
With this pot of money, you can choose what adult care, public health or
NHS services you get. That support may be completely different to someone
else, even if they have the same condition as you.
The new approach is officially called “Integrated Personal Commissioning”
– but don’t worry about that! It simply means you’re in control – whether
your support comes from the council, the NHS or both.

So what exactly is a personal health budget?
When you’ve had an assessment of your health condition(s) a Personal Health Budget (PHB) can, if assessed as clinically appropriate allocated to you, for you to spend on the support and services that will meet your health and wellbeing needs. What you can spend your PHB on will be agreed between you (or your representative) and you’re local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It can be provided in a number of ways – including direct payments – to suit each person and their care and support plan.
You may be able to spend it on a range of activities, services and some types of equipment rather than the locally commissioned service funded by the NHS; and spend your PHB on a combination of services. If you are in receipt of a personal budget from the local authority you may also be able to combine your health and personal budget to maximise these monies to achieve the best outcomes for yourself.

Am I eligible for one?
You or someone you know might be eligible for a Personal Health Budget. In Lincolnshire Personal Health Budgets can currently be applied for by those receiving Continuing Health Care and people who require a long-term Wheelchair Service or those who have a Carer. It will soon be available for people in receipt of mental health services (for patients under Section 117 of Mental Health Act).

How can I apply?
To apply for a personal health budget, or for more information, please email
The team at the relevant email address below:
Adults –
Children –
General information –
For more information log on to :

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