‘Inder Ends – the new book from our friends at the East Lincolnshire Dialect Society


Our very good friends at Far Welter’d, the East Lincolnshire dialect society, have now published a selection of poems and stories in Lincolnshire dialect called ‘Inder-Ends (with accompanying CD).  ‘Inder-Ends books are available for £8.95 from various outlets:

The Boston Old Times, 2 Silver Court, Boston

Coningsby Bookshop, 38 High Street, Coningsby

JWL Perkins, 7 Market Place, Horncastle

Lincolnshire Heritage Ltd, Jews Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln

MSR News Group, 35-39 Mercer Row, Louth

Museum, 4 Broadbank, Louth

Alternatively copies can be purchased by postal order.  Send a cheque payable to Far Welter’d and your address to:


Far Welter’d Society

Wychwood House

Main Road

Great Carlton



LN11 8JU

An ‘Inder-Ends book will be sent to you shortly after receipt of payment.

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