Rural Gold Star Service

Rural Gold Star Service

The Rural Gold Star Service is Lincs Rural’s way of saying thank you to residents who pay their rent on time and follow the terms of their Residency Agreement.

To become a Rural Gold Star member, you need to apply and meet the following criteria

  • Have held the residency for at least six months;
  • Have maintained a clear rent account for the past three months, or have a repayment agreement in place to clear any arrears within six months and have kept to the Agreement for three months; and
  • Have kept to all aspects of the Residency Agreement, which includes no anti-social behaviour, and keeping your home and garden clean and tidy.

Member benefits include entry into two prize draws a year which four members will receive £250. Also where possible, provision of faster routine repairs and priority with planned maintenance.

If you wish to apply please complete the Rural Gold Star Service application form.

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