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2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow to rent Sutton Bridge South Holland

Semi Detached Bungalow
Available: December 2019
Rent and Charges £88.58
1 month’s rent in advance is required £385.00
Heating: Gas Central heating
Maximum Occupants: 3

This property is suitable for over 55s

If you know of anyone who is in need of housing and have a connection with your community, who need housing now or in the future, please let them know about us.
A connection is that they have:
• Lived or live in the village and have done so for at least six months;
• Close relatives living in the village (parents, grandparents, children, brother or sister); or
• Work in the community or have some other close connection with the area.
If unsure about connection qualifications please ring the Association and our Housing Officer will be pleased to help.
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Alternatively, please call us on 01790 754219 for further information and an application form.

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Property type: Rent

Town/City: Sutton Bridge

County: Lincolnshire

Number of bedrooms: 2


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