Planting trees to help the bees!


Yesterday we travelled down to the village of pinchbeck to plant 15 new trees!

Two of our long standing residents at Pinchbeck are also avid bee keepers! with 10 hives they they have thousand bees who all forage and help to pollinate the local area. We have planted new trees and these will provide plenty of cover for the hives from any wind or rain. As well as providing cover they also will provide new fruit for them to forage and make lovely honey!

These trees were given to Lincs Rural from The woodland trust. They are giving away thousands of free trees to schools and communities. We applied with a statement about our association and how planting trees on our developments will help not only the environment but the welfare of the surrounding community. As well as contributing to our decarb mission it plays a small role in the overall picture. The trees will count towards these incredible nationwide tree-planting projects.

  • The Queen’s Green Canopymarks The Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II. Everyone is invited to plant a tree, creating a network across the UK and a green legacy in honour of The Queen’s service.
  • The Big Climate Fightbackis our initiative to get the UK involved in planting 50 million trees to help combat the climate crisis.


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