LRHA Chief Executive in Podcast with Healthier Housing

In this podcast episode of the COSIE Homes Healthier Housing winter series, Rachael Fullwood, our Chief Executive here at Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association, discusses the organisation’s commitment to providing quality rural homes and supporting residents in rural communities. She emphasises their proactive approach to identifying and resolving damp and mould issues, as well as addressing the cost of living crisis and supporting residents’ well-being through initiatives such as the Housing Perks app and the Resident Support Fund. The conversation also highlights the organisation’s focus on staff well-being, data-driven decision-making, and the rollout of smart technology to optimise property performance and support residents.

Rachael emphasises the importance of partnership working, government funding, and investment in housing stock and regeneration for achieving warm, dry, and healthy homes for all residents in the UK. She also stresses the need for a skilled workforce, decarbonisation of the national grid, and infrastructure improvements, particularly in rural areas. Through her discussion, Rachael provides insights into the challenges and proactive approaches in the housing sector, emphasising the importance of understanding residents’ needs, involving them in the process, and achieving equitable levels of services for rural people. Find out more about Lincs Rural and their exciting initiatives here.

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