Food Banks

Food Banks
The services provided by food banks may vary from area to area as they react to the needs of their community to provide help and support to local people in crisis.
Food banks rely on the support of local communities to help stop UK hunger, listed below are a few local organisations who can provide free emergency food parcels to those in need including:

Boston Food Bank
Salvation Army
Centrepoint Outreach.


Horncastle Community Larder


Lincoln Food Bank

Louth’s Community Larder

Mid Norfolk Foodbank
Norwich Foodbank

North East Lincolnshire
Scunthorpe Foodbank

Doorstep Grimsby

North Kesteven
Sleaford Community Larder

Rock Foundation – you need a referral from Open Door for an emergency food parcel

Stamford & Oundle Foodbank
Rutland Foodbank
Leicester South Foodbank

South Kesteven
Bourne Foodbank
Grantham Foodbank


New Life Centre

West Lindsey
Newark Food bank
Lincoln Food Bank


Unable to find a Foodbank near you?  visit The Trussell Trust website for assistance 

More local food banks can be found at Coop Foodbank list – Food-Bank-List.pdf (

There are restrictions on who is eligible and you may need to be referred to the food bank by another agency including Citizens Advice.
All these organisations will also provide free advice to help you solve the problem in the longer term.

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