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About EDAN Lincs

The charity provides support, advice and safety to men, women and children who experience domestic abuse.  The organisation has registered charity status and is governed by directors who have a diverse range of skills and experience.

EDAN Lincs provides safe, emergency, temporary accommodation and support to any man or woman – with or without children – experiencing domestic abuse.

Our head office is in Lincoln, and we operate across the county of Lincolnshire.

Our countywide outreach services can assist women, men and children who are still living in, or have recently left, an abusive relationship and who require advice and support with regards to options available to them.

Our vision is “Life free from domestic abuse” and our mission is “To support and empower all those affected by domestic abuse.  To Raise awareness of the impacts of domestic abuse and promote intolerance of it”

We also provide countywide commissioned outreach services.  Specialist Domestic Abuse workers provide advice, safety planning, support and signposting to families in these areas who experience domestic abuse.

We are also provide refuge accommodation across Lincolnshire for those fleeing domestic abuse.  We have two multi-occupancy refuge, (one consisting of 11 units & the other having 5 units) across Lincolnshire), along with 5 dispersed properties across our region, 4 of which are commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council.

We provide holistic support including specialist intervention for those with additional complex needs such as mental health or substance misuse issues and specialist support for children and young people.

We are part of the Lincolnshire County Domestic Abuse Partnership and work closely with Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police and the charity delivering services in the south of the county to provide coherent and effective response to domestic abuse services in Lincolnshire.

Contact Details:

EDAN Lincs
PO Box 125, Lincoln

Tel: 01522 510041
General Enquiry: info@edanlincs.org.uk

Fundraising: fundraising@edanlincs.org.uk
Secure Email: info.secure@edanlincs.cjsm.net
Facebook: @edanlincs
Twitter: @edanlincs
Instagram: @edanlincs

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