Complaints and Compliments


If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received, we aim to resolve this first time by being fair, transparent and consistent. However, if you’re not happy with the result and wish to make a formal complaint, we follow a three-step process.

Our Residency Manager will then contact you to discuss the complaint in detail. You will receive an acknowledgement letter within three days of us receiving your complaint
We will review all available evidence through a formal investigation and contact you to talk about our findings. We will then send you a letter of confirmation when the complaint has been resolved.
On the rare occasions that more time is required to solve an issue for you, for example if there is a major repair required to your property, we will work with you and maintain regular contact until the issue is resolved.

If you still feel the complaint has not been resolved correctly and you have been through our process, you have the right to take this to the Housing Ombudsman service. You can find out more about this on the Housing Ombudsman’s website here.


Compliments provide valuable positive customer feedback. It’s an important part of developing services and in maintaining staff morale and motivation. We will record and share compliments across the organisation to learn from best practice.

Complaint Procedure Flowchart update 180920 (002)

Complaint Policy Final Version updated 180920

Complaints, Compliments and Comments
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