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Mid Terraced 2 Bedroom Semi Detached House in Great Hale, Sleaford

Property for Rent with Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association
Contact details Katie Taylor 01790 754219 or email

Mid Terraced 2 Bedroom Semi Detached house in Great Hale, Sleaford

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Property type: Rent

Town/City: Great Hale

Number of bedrooms: 2


Property Available July 2018
Rent and Charges £86.09
1 months’ rent in advance is required. £374.08
Heating: Gas Central Heating
Mid Terraced House
Maximum Occupants: 4
Bedrooms- 2

Must have a local connection to Great Hale or Surrounding Parish.

A connection is that they have:
• Lived or live in the village and have done so for at least six months;
• Close relatives living in the village (parents, grandparents, children, brother or sister); or
• Work in the community or have some other close connection with the area.
If unsure about connection qualifications please ring the Association and our Housing Officer will be pleased to help.

This property is also going to be advertised for Nominations from The Local Authority North Kesteven District Council.

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