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Available soon: Two Bedroom Semi Detached House and 1 three-bedroom semi-detached house available in Pinchbeck, South Holland

Available date: October 2018
for more information please contact our Housing Officer Katie Taylor
Pets are permitted with permission: Only one dog and up to two cats, chickens and pigeons are not permitted.
Applicants must have a local connection to Pinchbeck or Surrounding Parish.
A Local Connection is that they have:
• Lived or live in the village and have done so for at least six months;
• Close relatives living in the village (parents, grandparents, children, brother or sister); or
• have some other close connection with the area.
If unsure about the local connection please ring the Association and our Housing Officer Katie Taylor will be pleased to help.

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Property type: Rent

Street: Maurice Chappell

Town/City: Pinchbeck

County: Lincolnshire

Number of bedrooms: 2 /3


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