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a two bedroom semi-detached house in the rural village of Alford

Lincolnshire Rural currently has a two bedroom semi-detached house available.
This property is located in the rural village of Alford, Lincolnshire.
This property is available on Monday 1 April 2019.

This property consists of:
Two Bedrooms;
Bathroom with bath;
Heated by gas central heating;
Weekly rent of £81.74
A garden to the rear; and
The maximum number of occupants is four.
Pets are permitted with permission. (One dog and up to two cats)

One month’s rent in advance is required, even if the applicant is in receipt of Housing Benefit.
Applicants must have a local connection to Alford or the surrounding Parish.
Our properties are allocated on housing need and local connection.For more information, please contact Katie Taylor (Housing Officer) on 01790 754219.

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Property type: Rent

Street: Parsons Lane

Town/City: Alford

County: Lincolnshire

Number of bedrooms: 2


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